Sunday, January 18, 2015

Mount your iPhone on Debian Wheezy.

One thing that was giving me issues with Linux was mounting my iPhone. When I would just plug it into my powerbook it would throw up errors and my iPhone would constantly ask me if I trusted this device. So after much researching I once again needed to learn the lesson that one must begin with the wiki and usually to find you answers. All I needed was to do a search on the wiki for iPhone and lo and behold this wealth of information appeared. It gives pretty detailed instructions on getting iPhone to mount in Debian. I have not tested this in Ubuntu or any other Debian based distributions, but I would not be surprised if it worked on them as well. The one downside I discovered was that I could only share my music via Rythmbox but not my photos or video I created on my iPhone. I tried using dropbox but apparently it is not working on Debian based on what I learned on this thread I started. However I was able to grab my photos and videos if I put them on google drive. If anyone has a better way to share iPhone photos or videos please share.

UPDATE: Apparently DropBox is dropping support PowerPC Macs you can read more at The PPC Luddite blog.

UPDATE II: I found this on Planet Debian. This blog mentions that using an applicaton called shotwell to copy pictures and vidoes you made on your iphone to Linux. So I wondered is this app available for the PowerPC architecutre? So I ran 'apt-cache search shotwell' and there it was! So I installed the application on my powerbook g4 and launched the application. I was then able to see my photos and videos and also import them! Happy Day!!!

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  1. I came across this article where it shows how to get photos off Iphone. They are using a 4s, but I'm sure it will work with all.

    1. Plug in the iPhone
    2. Open a terminal window
    3. Type this command and hit Enter: gphoto2 –port=usb: -R -P
    4. Wait until it finishes
    5. Look in your home directory for the files

    just make sure you select the correct USB connected to your Iphone.

    reference below