Saturday, June 27, 2015

Ubuntu-MATE fits my MacBook Pro nicely

I have been an OS X users for years. I was always happy how it performed. Then came Yosemite and all changed. It was just one issue after another. Safari performance was poor, my garmin would no longer work. Then came the news that iPhoto was being replaced with Photos. This new change meant that syncing photos from the iPhone to the MacBook will now require sending your picture to iCloud. No longer was there direct sync from phone to machine.

It was then I decided to move to Linux on my MacBook. Now I have been using Linux on my PowerPC machines, but kept my MacBook running OS X. So now came the decision of what distro to use.

I first started Ubuntu 15.04, but I was not happy with Unity. There was issues that made some web pages barely readable, software center was having css issues and suspend was not working well on Apple hardware. Then I went to Ubuntu-GNOME and still the same issues. Then finally I went with Ubuntu-MATE.

Ubuntu-MATE  works great on this machine. All the issues I had with the previous flavors of Ubuntu were gone. Plus all the features that Ubuntu-MATE team have added like one-click compiz activation and multi panel layout so if you are looking for OS X or Windows layout setting it up is pretty simple. The performance has been great so far. I could not recommend this flavor of Ubuntu more highly. Thanks to Martin Winpress and the team.


  1. A question...

    What makes you want to run Ubuntu MATE over running MATE on Debian? There must be something that keeps you going back to Ubuntu flavours.

  2. There are many reasons zen,

    My wife to Linux on her MacBook Air. She did not want all her photos being forced to the cloud. So I wanted to give her a distro that I knew she would not need the command line for. I also decided to run Ubuntu as to see if we both run into the same issues, so it would be easier for my to find a suitable fixes and apply them to her machine. It has helped a lot already.

    I also really like the ppa system that Ubuntu has. I know Debian has 3rd party repos as well, but I believe Ubuntu has the advantage in having them all in a central place. Even on my PowerMac ppas have been helpful. I do not need the developer to make a powerpc .deb file. I can just install the ppa, download the source, and build it myself. I know Debian is considering moving to a ppa system and it helps that they have backports repos, I look forward to see what they do.

    Finally I have really appreciated the work of Martin Winpress. He is not only of the developers of the MATE desktop he is also the project lead for Ubuntu-MATE. He has really done a tremendous job in making Ubuntu-MATE is a great distro. I like the direction he is taking the project and the future plans he has for upcoming releases.

    This is not say that there are that Ubuntu does not make me want to pull the remaining I have left. At times it does. However for new people entering into the Linux world it will more than likely be the first place they go and for good reason. I know not everyone will be advanced enough to use Arch, Gentoo, and even Debian. This is really where Ubuntu shines. It opens the door for people to begin a journey to computing freedom.

    I love Debian. I would probably be wanting to pull my hair out less if I was running it on everything. I also want to see more people who are not as IT savvy as we may be adopt Linux as well. I believe Ubuntu does offer that.

  3. I'm using offline sync via usb in 10.10.4 photos app from my iPhone. A sync tab appears if you connect your iPhone, when photos is open...