Friday, October 16, 2015

Linux from Scratch Journey part 1

I have installed both Gentoo and Arch Linux in VMs and real hardware. Both are the most customizable Linux distros I have worked on. You basically get a bash shell and build from there. However if you really want a customizable version of Linux that you can say you built then you should take the plunge and try Linux from Scratch.

Linux from Scratch (LFS) is a version of Linux that is built completely from source. What you get from LFS is a document that walks you through how to build your system. I just finish the section where you build your temporary tool-chain that you will use the build the system. The instructions were great. So long as you follow them exactly you should be fine. I am right now building an x86_64 based system, however depending on how successful I am I may try to build a PowerPC version on my iBook G4.

I will be adding posts as I work through LFS. Document both the success and issues that may arise.


  1. cool, Just started to read the documentation on it. It seems really cool, looking forward to seeing your updates.

    1. Thank you for posting your results with various 'nixes on PPC hardware. Which one would you suggest for a powerbook? I tried lubuntu a while back but couldn't get past a black screen (something to do with unsupported nvidia graphics I think). I'm looking to get the latest versions of VLC, firefox, openoffice, and maybe even cad going.