Friday, January 29, 2016

Lubuntu 16.04 Alpha 2 is out with LXQT awesomeness!

I have been wanting to test out LXQT for ages. So far it is not in the Debian repos for PowerPC. Thanks to the developers over at Lubuntu that time is now!

So with the release for 16.04 Alpha 2 you too can have LXQT running on your PowerPC iBook or PowerBook. You can find the instructions here and a special thanks to Walter Lapchynski of the Lubuntu Team for using my screenshot. I will post some more below.

I really like the design of the DE plus Lubuntu has added more options to customize it as well. For example they added the LXQT Configuration Center. From there you can do things like edit your keyboard shortcuts. This is a nice change from editing files in vi. Also using compton just adds that nice compositing effect that make DE look even better.

It is still buggy is some areas. The window to manage the panel does not always pop open, two finger scrolling with the trackpad does not work on the windows or Qupzilla. Video playback works but it still more resource heavy than Debian. However some of these should not be an issue if you running a Powermac.

Please give Lubuntu a test drive and go to the QA ISO Tracker, from there run some of their tests and post your results. This is how we keep PowerPC supported under Linux.

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